Why is SEO Important

  • Creation of content,
  • Structure of a website,
  • Well written content within a page or blog,
  • Importance of the info graphics, and
  • Creation of video and the platforms used for playback.
  • SEO Design Rules

    There are SEO design rules that should be followed and these rules can change throughout a year. This is especially turn when certain SEO functions are used to unfairly take advantage of a the way a search engine works. The website content creator should find knowledgeable SEO resources to follow and stay current on the ever evolving SEO landscape. Here are a few tips to help with the creation of search engine optimized content.

    1. Use one of the many tools to help validate the value of a keyword or phase used with a page of content. Two of my favorites are kwfinder.com and moz.com. Both tools offer a number of features that allows the content creator to see which keywords have higher search value for inclusion in a page.
    2. Make a concerted effort to include the keywords in the first paragraph of the page and throughout the content. But, don’t make the readability of the page suffer or stuff keywords just to ensure multiple instances are included throughout the page.
    3. Ensure the page extension contains the keywords used with document. There are number of views when it comes to URL creation. Do not stuff the page URL with a large number of keywords. Studies are showing URL keyword stuffing now creates a negative ranking for search. If a page designer follows the same rules used by Google with their URL creation, pages containing between 75 to 90 characters can offer improvements in page ranking.
    4. Lastly, look at the title and headers used for the content. The keywords should be shown as a phrase in both the page title and H1 header at the top of the page. The words or phrase related to the keyword phrase should be used used as topic headers and within the page content.

    There are a number of other SEO rules a content creator should consider when developing new website pages or blogs. Using those listed above can provide a great start to ensure the search algorithms used within Google have a better chance in finding your website and landing pages.

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