Why Does My Company Need a WebsiteYou may have heard someone say: “Why does my company need a website, my business is successful.” or, “We created a business website a number of years ago. We haven’t made any changes or additions since.” or better yet, “We don’t have any company website needs, the web just doesn’t work for us.”

While these statements may be true for some, the opposite is true where successful companies took the time and made the investment in a well designed business website that is regularly updated and engages the visitor.

Your Brand

The bottom line – it’s all about your brand. It’s how people search for your products or services, locate you and when they do, the impression your business or services makes in the first 30 seconds. Will that impression be a positive experience? Will it engage or cause the visitor to continue their search to your competitor? Or worse, no web presence means your competition receives 100% of all online new business inquiries.

Promote Your Business

Think about the process you follow to successfully promote your business. Most business or organizations have a brochure. The brochure has:

  • A front page with logo. A quality picture that reflects you company, products or services. An overview of the business or organization.
  • Services and products. Inside the brochure folds are categories of products or services with a brief description of each.
  • Contact area. An area on the back with company location, addresses, contact numbers, names of those to call.
  • A consistent layout. Each page has a consistent layout with pictures that make your products or services standout.

Your website is very similar. For this online brochure, you will:
Why does my company need a website

  • Develop your content. Or better yet, the sales pitch. A success website design should clearly describe your products or services. This is the home page. It should open with a general description and then provide brief highlights for the major categories of the products and services offered.
  • Develop the pages. This is also defined as the site structure. This may sound complicated, but to simplify, think about your company’s brochure.
  • Create an interactive experience. The website can contain a broad range of visual material from pictures to videos making your product and services standout against your competitor.

The Website Design

That’s the structure of the website. A web designer who works in this space everyday, can take this information and create an online brochure of your company. Part art and part science, the web designer will take the content, ensure is has a good search structure with strong keywords to give your website the best opportunity to be seen above others.

With the ever increasing costs to promote your business, a business website can be your lowest cost advertising alternative, yet provide the highest visibility to communicate to your current and future customers.

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