Tips on VideoAs we move forward in to 2020, Google recently released tips on video advertising and engagement. While scripts are helpful, I like to think about a short road map of key points to address prior to adding a closing to a video. The information below considers purchases of products, but easily translates to the purchase of services as well. I cut a few highlights from a very long Google report that I thought would be helpful to consider for your video content creation.

1. Capture attention immediately

You might have heard that attention spans are shrinking, but the research behind that viral claim has been well and truly debunked. Here’s what has changed, though: with more content choices available than in the past, people are getting increasingly selective about where they focus their attention. If something doesn’t grab them right away, they’re ready and able to skip, scroll, or fast-forward.

With content that surprises and intrigues early on, brands have the opportunity to plunge viewers straight into the story, getting them to stop and engage instead of skipping.

2. Be truly helpful

Viewers turn to online video to get a huge variety of needs met in the moment — everything from learning how to hang a picture frame to speaking another language. Increasingly, they’re also heading to platforms like YouTube for shopping inspiration. For example, watch time for YouTube videos on “which product to buy” doubled between 2017 and 2018.
If you can teach and inspire audiences, they won’t just watch — they’ll become loyal, long-term advocates of your brand.

3. Relate

When you can frame your brand in the context of things people care about, it drives results. Understanding your audience is table stakes. But new research shows being relevant to people’s personal interests is perhaps the most important thing your content can be.

When people are deciding what to watch, relating to their passions is more important.

4. Lean into YouTube viewers

Video is a unique and immersive way for influencers to build relationships with people. On YouTube, creators can break the fourth wall, listen and have a two-way dialogue with their fans (comments, surveys, live broadcasts, etc.), and build relationships based on their personalities. More viewers than ever are becoming loyal fans: the number of YouTube users who follow creators and engage with their channels every day grew by a massive 70% between 2017 and 2018.

5. Encourage action

In their moments of personal primetime, viewers are ready to take action. Viewers are also turning to YouTube to get things done. Over half of shoppers say online video has helped them decide which specific brand or product to buy.
Strong creative that has an enticing call to action and makes it easy to take the next step, like visiting a website or making a purchase, allows you to both build your brand and drive business results with video.

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