choosing a professional web designerThere are many decisions to be made when a business considers a new website or upgrading a dated site. The recurring questions that we often find when meeting with a new client are: “Why do I need a professional web designer?“, followed by: “How much will this new site cost?“. As small business owners ourselves, we understand the need to budget and keep on going expenses to a minimum. Yet, for our small business clients, we find a website to be the single most important marketing asset above all other forms of advertising. We also find the on going costs to develop and maintain a professional website to be substantially less than other forms of marketing.

No Website or Bad Website Design? That’s a Problem.

Current purchasers of products and services start with the web search first and base their buying decisions on their online experience. In their eyes – no website – your company or products don’t exist. Even worse, you have a website, but it performs poorly or is out of date and the potential customer moves on to any other site that provides a better user experience. The downside is your products or services may be superior to your competition, but that key component of online communications fails when it comes to your website.

Build Your Site With An Online Solution

There are solutions. You can create a site with many of the online services that exist. These sites offer basic web development that is “point and click” and quickly and inexpensively allow you to launch your site. The downside is differentiating the site over your competition. Usually there are other costs within these services to make that differentiation and the costs continue to climb with each addition.

Make Your Website Standout

There are numerous methods to ensure a website stands out among others in a Google search. Page placement, page layout, keyword research, picture and video management are but a few key elements where a professional web designer ensures an optimum web experience. When considering costs, a holistic approach should be considered including design, performance, appeal, content reach, longevity, security and much more. This is where the professional web designer excels.

Website Development Checklist

Development is just one element in maintaining a well managed site. We’ve created this short list of items as you consider creating or updating your business website.

  1. Web server software is up to date.
  2. Site plugins and add-ons are up to date.
  3. Maintain a recurring site back-up schedule and maintain copies in a secured environment.
  4. Remove old files, pictures and databases to minimize site size and performance.
  5. Maintain a robust security software suite with instant notifications of security anomalies.
  6. Protect site against brute force attacks.
  7. Manage users and security roles.
  8. Remove spam from blog sites.
  9. Track performance.
  10. Ensure content meets current Search Engine Optimization rules.
  11. Develop meta descriptions for blog posts and pages.
  12. Review referral traffic and inbound links.
  13. Audit site for mobile-responsiveness and usage.
  14. Develop a site analytics schedule and optimize site based on finding.
  15. Manage pictures to meet web standards and page performance.
  16. Delete out of date web pages.
  17. Create easy to use forms for lead generation.
  18. Provide feedback to update portfolios and customer testimonials.

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