blog for successWe often hear statements from so many different sources about how to make your website successful. Most Internet marketers agree on one fact:
Anyone who wants to drive traffic to their site should Blog for Success.

Looking at the analytics (website traffic results) for our clients who blog and those who don’t, site traffic and lead conversions are significantly different. There’s little debate that some sites may have more interesting topics to discuss, but the facts remains, sites, regardless of the organization, products or services offered, for those who blog have more users, more site visits, more pages visited and more opportunities to generate leads, sale products or draw attention to their organization.

Blog for Success – 3 Key Ideas to Consider

Drive Traffic to your Website – There are numerous technical reasons we could discuss as to why blogging drives traffic website. When we think of our website, we think page – a home page, about, lists of services, products offered, etc. These pages may change over time, but for most sites they remain static for weeks or months. There may be no reason to change due to the nature of the business or organization, but to make a website more viable to the world and web search engines to rank a site and it’s pages, new content is a must.

This is where a blog stands out providing an opportunity to add information of interest about products offered, upcoming events, service strengths, virtually anything that shares knowledge about what is offered by your business or organization.

A blog post provides the opportunity to add a keyword. This keyword allows search engines to find your site, page or a blog post based on a web search entered by a potential visitor. The better the blog, the content, the keyword and how often you provide new, fresh content on your website, the greater the opportunity to be placed higher on the first page of the search.

Drive Conversions – Websites come in many forms. For a business or an organization, most are seeking a way to connect with a site visitor. This is where conversions are important. A conversion is directing a website visitor to a specific action:

  • Purchasing a product,
  • Sign-up for your newsletter,
  • Download a whitepaper,
  • Register for an event, or
  • Complete a contact form.

For service based businesses or organizations, a conversion generates a lead. This lead is used for follow up contact, sometimes referred to as a qualified lead, for sales or membership opportunities. A blog has the ability to fuel conversions by quickly addressing topics of interest or a review of a new product or service.

Establish Authority – By nature, we all look for some form of authority before purchasing a product, considering a service or if we should participate in an organized event. Authority comes in many forms from reviewing a purchased product, participating in a past event or resenting using a service. Another great form of authority comes from a blog. Here the blog’s author can share their knowledge on a given topic in a number of forms:

  • Giving actual use
  • Providing pictures and/or videos of a past event
  • Describing the benefits and strengths of a service offered
  • Stating quotes for users
  • Providing credentials and the importance of each.

The bottom line, a blog is an opportunity to stress why your website is that one source to find important information. And this is not a one shot deal. A successful blog will have a recurring frequency of new topics attracting visitors to return again and again finding new and fresh information.

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